We are all excited by how busy the entertainment industry is and we agree that there has never been a better time to be an actor in Georgia.

However, we ask that you understand and follow a few guidelines. Before you pick up the phone to call a busy casting office, please do some research. Google is your friend and will give you lots of information about how the business works.

1. Understand the difference between a casting director and a talent agent. A casting director doesn’t represent talent. If you are looking for representation, please do not call our office. We reach out to talent agents when we need talent for a project.

2. Sometimes we need “real people” for a project. When that need arises, we will post on social media. We recommend that you like our Facebook page for any direct postings or notices.

3. We do not do extras casting, so we don’t have a database of talent. If you’re interested in opportunities for extras, google Atlanta extras casting. When you look through the search results, go to websites first and see if they post their submission process before calling.

Thanks for your interest in Big Picture Casting and good luck to you!

– BPC Staff

Self-Taping Instructions

Follow these simple steps when taping yourself:

  • Frame: Use a medium to close shot, approximately chest-high.
  • Background: Shoot on a plain, well-lit background and make sure your audio is clear.
  • Slate: Name slate at the end with a full-body shot. Do not pan up and down, if possible.
  • Reader: Use a reader. Another actor is best.
  • Takes: Shoot only one take of each scene, unless otherwise requested.
  • Sides: Obtain sides from your agent or at
  • Format: Save as MOV or MP4 files, not WMV.