About Us

Our Job Is to Encourage Individuality Within the Framework of Direction.

We’ve Got An Eye for Talent

We’ve been working in this market before it was coined “Hollywood of the South”!

Between us, we’ve been talent agents, artistic directors, writers, producers, and even performers. We know the industry inside and out. And we bring that experience to casting. Over the past 25+ of working in the industry, we’ve built strong relationships with the top talent agencies as well as a broad knowledge of the ever-changing talent pool. 

Jen Kelley, CSA

Owner, Casting Director

Rita Harrell, CSA

Owner, Casting Director

Kimberly Thomas

Casting Associate

Clifton Guterman, CSA

Casting Director, Head of Film/TV

Creative Thinking

Our job is to show you what you want but also show you what you didn’t know you wanted. We try to think outside the box!

Expansive Outreach

You need an elderly nimble fluent Armenian woman who knows yodeling?
We’ll find her.

Our Full Attention

Our team consists of early birds & night owls. We’ll be available for your last minute, late night, early morning casting needs.